How would you like to…

Harvest an enormous amount of food from a small space

Enjoy crisp, luscious home-grown vegetables all year long

Pick sweet, juicy fruit for months from a tiny backyard

Grow fruits and vegetables with higher nutrient levels

Eat affordable organic food free from pesticides and GMOs

Save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill

That’s what paleo diet gardening is all about!

Come learn how you, too, can harvest enormous amounts of
incredibly delicious nutrient-dense food all year-round from a small garden.


In order to provide you with the most helpful information and resources possible, I’m merging my website, Paleo Diet Gardening, with another site: Square Foot Abundance

Square Foot Abundance is a much larger site, with many more articles. Though it doesn’t discuss paleo diet gardening directly, the information I provide there is the same – how to grow an incredible amount of food in a small garden, and how to feast year-round from your backyard!

I invite you to visit Square Foot Abundance, and read the articles there. If you like what you see, go ahead and subscribe to that site.  I will leave the Paleo Diet Gardening site up for a while, but won’t be adding any new material here.

Very best wishes, and I hope to see you on the other side!

~ Debra